Trade-in Program

Instruments From Our Shop

We accept instruments purchased from our shop at a 100% trade-in value toward an instrument of higher value. The original purchase price constitutes the value of 100%. The instrument must have been well-maintained and in the same condition as originally purchased. We will make considerations for normal wear and tear at our discretion. If damage has occurred, or wear beyond normal wear and tear, we reserve the right to depreciate the trade-in value or in extreme circumstances, deny a trade-in.

Instruments From Other Shops

We do accept instruments in trade that have been purchased from another shop. We will examine the instrument and make an offer based on market value, condition and suitability to our collection. As a point of reference, insurance appraisals are considered. The trade-in value is determined completely at our discretion.

Rental Trade-in

Student rental instruments are considered for trade-in based on a depreciation scale outlined in our rental program (see Rental Program). Student rental instruments are offered a full-value trade-in when purchasing an upgrade instrument. 100% of the equity in the rental instrument will be applied toward the purchase of an upgrade instrument as long as the instrument has not been damaged or subjected to wear beyond what we consider normal daily use.