Repairs & Restorations

All repairs and restorations are carried out in our full-service workshop. We pride ourselves on the finest tonal adjustments, expert set-ups, repairs of all kinds, and artistic restorations. With decades of experience in all aspects of instrument care, our customers can be assured that each instrument from our shop has been meticulously set-up, maintained, or restored. All new instruments from the student models to intermediate and professional levels have been carefully shop-adjusted with fingerboards planed and the bridge, soundpost and pegs fitted in our workshop. All older and antique instruments have been carefully assessed for structural integrity, condition of the finish and overall geometry of the body. Any issue of wear, deterioration or abnormality is then expertly addressed with the appropriate repair or restorative technique. We do maintain an extensive collection of our own instruments but we also welcome the repair and restoration needs of all players and enthusiasts. Please feel free to contact us regarding your repair and restoration needs.