Our Story

Brobst Violin Shop was founded in 1966 by Loren and Gerald Brobst, father and son. Loren had a natural talent for design, construction, and fabrication and worked as an industrial engineer in the steel industry. He was an accomplished craftsman with a keen interest in the inner workings of everything. This fueled his interest in repair and restoration which became a key element in the formation of our company.

Gerald shared many of his father’s interests and abilities in addition to a passion for the violin. Prior to college, he took private lessons, attended concerts and began the study of violin repair and making. In college, he studied violin performance and upon graduation, auditioned for the National Symphony in Washington, D.C. and was accepted as a member. A violinist, restorer, violinmaker, teacher and orchestra conductor, Gerald provided the impetus for the company’s birth. With Loren’s talents and years of technical expertise, together they opened their workshop in Alexandria, Virginia.

Built upon a foundation of excellence in craftsmanship, innovation, and honest business practices, the company has grown from serving local musicians and students to an enterprise with an international clientele. David Brobst is a restorer, maker and connoisseur with a master’s degree in fine art for painting and sculpture. Sharon Brobst Barnum is a bowmaker and restorer, as well as a talented singer and violinist, with a degree in musical performance. Graydon Barnum is a connoisseur and manager of business affairs, as well as a talented musician with a degree in music industry. Gerald’s wife Emily is a former strings teacher with a degree in musical performance and education, and manages the string music department. Our family and staff welcomes your business and the opportunity to serve you!