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ViolinEvasio Emilio Guerra, Turin 1930

Labeled “Evasio Emilio Guerra / fece in Torino anno 1930”. A fine example of the high artistry and craftsmanship of the Turin school from the early 20th century. The player…

ViolinGiorgio Gatti, Turin 1929

This violin is an example of Gatti’s typical Pressenda inspired model with personal touches. Gatti’s workmanship lacks attention to aesthetic detail, but his choice of materials creates superb sound quality….

ViolinRiccardo Genovese, Montiglio 1924

This superb violin by Riccardo Genovese has a captivating tone quality. The rich, full sound is both well focused and warm. It is truly an instrument most players will find…

New Arrival
ViolinPiero Parravacini, Bovisio (Milano) circa 1930, Guadagnini model
New Arrival
ViolinGiovanni Pistucci, Naples c. 1940, copy of Ferdinand Gagliano

A fine example of Neapolitan craftsmanship and tradition, the player is immediately drawn to its sonorous and rich tone. This violin bears the look of the classic and distinctive modelling…

ViolinFrédéric Chaudière for Ruggiero Ricci, Montpellier 1997

This violin was commissioned for American violinist Ruggiero Ricci who played it along with 17 other contemporary violins for his album The Legacy of Cremona. A copy of this album is included…

ViolinOreste Candi, Genoa 1930

This violin is in Oreste Candi’s personal style. The varnish is a rich red-orange color. The top is made from two pieces of spruce with narrow width grain. The back…

ViolinErminio Farina, Milan 1909

This is a fine Milanese violin by Erminio Farina, the main assistant of Riccardo Antoniazzi. Farina was chosen by Antoniazzi to make the instruments for the Milan Exhibition of 1906….

ViolinPietro Gallinotti, Solero 1931

A beautifully made violin with a lustrous red-orange varnish. This violin has a fine, sweet tone.

ViolinErminio Farina, Milan 1913

An exceptional example from this highly regarded Milanese violin maker. This instrument possesses a fine, sweet tone.

ViolinGiuseppe Stefanini, Milan or Brescia c. 1950-1960

Includes a certificate by Dimitry Gindin, 2 February 2018.

ViolinPierre & Hippolyte Silvestre, Lyon 1845

To be sold with two certificates. The first by W.E. Hill & Sons, London, dated January 26th, 1927, and the second by L.P. Balmforth & Son, Leeds, September 25th, 1957.

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