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ViolinGiuseppe Stefanini, Milan or Brescia c. 1950-1960

Includes a certificate by Dimitry Gindin, 2 February 2018.

ViolinGiuseppe Castagnino, Chiavari 1932

This beautiful violin has a rich, deep red varnish and a striking one piece maple back with medium width flame. The top is made from two pieces of fine to…

ViolinGiulio Degani, Venice 1903

The label reads “Degani Giulio di Eugenio / premiato con gran diploma / d’onore in Milano / e medaglia d’oro in Torino / Fece in Venezia Anno 1903”

ViolinLuigi Galimberti, Milan 1926

Beautifully varnished in a rich, orange brown color, this violin has a fine, warm and powerful tone.

ViolinAzzo Rovescalli, Milan 1927

This fine Rovescalli violin has a vibrant golden-red varnish and is in great condition. The tone is clear and responsive without being overly bright and resonates with richness and color…

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ViolinVincenzo Cavani, Modena circa 1940 “copia Amati”
ViolinSergio Peresson, Caracas 1955

Here is a fine example from the hands of the late Italo-American master, made during the period of his life when he was living and working in Venezuela. This violin…

ViolinIgino Sderci, Florence 1950

A luminescent light golden brown varnish covers this instrument with a beautiful, well flamed one piece maple back. This violin possesses a fine, sweet tone.

ViolinNestor Audinot, Paris 1881

Here is a fine, French violin from a noted maker from the late 19th century. The violin shows the effects of aging gracefully and has developed a lovely patina over…

ViolinPierre Jean Henri Hel, Lille 1926

A very fine and lovely French violin with a brilliant and clear tone.

ViolinErnesto Pevere, Ferrara c. 1940-50

A beautifully made and finely crafted instrument from the hands of an acknowledged master maker.

ViolinBottali-Roth-Pelitti, Milan c. 1900

An excellent modern Italian violin. Fine tone and mint condition.

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