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New Arrival
ViolinCarlo Ferrario, Venegono-Varese 1944
ViolinGenuzio Carletti, Bologna 1967

This violin, a collaboration between two makers both Italian born, was made by Genuzio Carletti and imported into the United States by Joseph Settin and thus labeled “G. Carlettinius” a…

ViolinCaressa & Francais, Paris 1906

An absolutely stunning beauty that will delight the player with its rich and sonorous tone.

ViolinGiuseppe Pellacani, Modena c. 1940

This violin is inspired by the style of Giuseppe Ceruti, a “transitional” maker who worked between the classic and modern eras of Cremonese violin making. As visible in the accompanying…

New Arrival
ViolinBottali-Roth-Pelitti, Milan circa 1900
ViolinLuigi Mozzani, Cento 1927
ViolinGiovanni Schwarz, Venice 1913

Based on a personal Guarneri model, this violin is a player’s instrument in every regard. The wood choice for the top, an open-grained spruce, lends itself to the smooth, responsive…

ViolinW.E. Hill & Sons, London 2019, Bergonzi model

The Hill – Bergonzi Refined, with a strong personality that has a unique, broad spectrum of colours. Marked by the best Cremonese makers, Bergonzi created his unique model, sought after…

New Arrival
ViolinCharles Brugère Atelier, Paris 1896
New Arrival
ViolinHoward Needham, Silver Spring 2016

A beautiful, orange-amber varnish covers the well flamed, two piece maple back. This instrument possesses a fine, robust tone. A finely crafted work of art and tonal beauty from the…

ViolinNicola Utili, Castel Bolognese 1914

A Nicola Utili violin possessing a finely focused tone with balance and projection. The instrument is in excellent condition as shown in the photos.

ViolinLuciano Sderci, Florence 1960

This is a mint condition example of Sderci’s work. It is labeled “Luciano Sderci di Igino / Fece in Firenze Anno 1960”.

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