Erminio Farina, Milan 1909

This is a fine Milanese violin by Erminio Farina, the main assistant of Riccardo Antoniazzi. Farina was chosen by Antoniazzi to make the instruments for the Milan Exhibition of 1906. He then worked very closely with Antoniazzi who, due to poor health, had to work at home. Upon Antoniazzi’s death, Farina became his successor and continued working in his master’s shop. Unfortunately, Farina died shortly after World War I. This violin is very much in the style of Antoniazzi and is in excellent condition. Its varnish is a golden orange-brown color. The back is made from two pieces of maple with medium width flame and the top is made from two pieces of spruce with broad to medium width flame. The violin is branded with Farina’s characteristic brand of his initials below the neck button, above the end button, above the label, and in four other locations on the interior. It is to be sold with a certificate from Brobst Violin Shop. The violin has a brilliant and focused tone.

Violin Demonstration

Inventory #: 101/83