Enrico Marchetti, Turin 1923

This violin is a fine example of the work of Turin maker Enrico Marchetti. It is in excellent condition and covered with a full coat of rich reddish-brown varnish with a golden undercoat just becoming visible in a few spots. The edges of the scroll and joints of the ribs are highlighted with black varnish in the old Cremonese manner. The back is of one piece of maple which is pleasantly flamed in a medium curl, the ribs and scroll are of similar wood. The top is carved from two pieces of spruce with a wide to medium grain width. The carving of the scroll is free and deep with a distinctly artistic flavor. The edge work and purfling of the top and back are in character with the scroll. The blocks and linings are of spruce. The label of this instrument shows his pride in his honors by noting “Premiato con diciotto Medaglie . . .”, eighteen medals! The dimensions are: length of back, 355mm; upper bout, 169mm; middle bout, 111mm; lower bout, 209mm.

Violin Demonstration

Inventory #: 133/59