Hristo Todorov II

Hristo Todorov II was born on September 10, 1986 in the town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Both of his parents were successful luthiers. His mother, Pavlina Todorova, was a celebrated violin maker and sold her instruments worldwide. His father, Hristo Todorov I, specialized in constructing violins and cellos and experimented with different models and types of varnish throughout his career.
By sixteen, Todorov was practicing violin making at his family’s workshop and in 2007 he enrolled in Istituto Professionale Internazionale per L’ Aetigianato Liutario in Cremona, Italy. For five years, he immersed himself in studying the traditions of Cremonese violin making. During this time, he also worked for some well-established masters including Alessandro Gambarin and Patrizio Orippi. ‘

During his career, Hristo collaborated with famous masters including Marco Nolli. Hristo perfected his recipe for oil varnish under the guidance of Robert Brewer Young. He also developed his own method for stabilizing acoustic wood. Each one of Hristo’s instruments carries a 17th century Cremonese school style. He resurrected nearly forgotten techniques used by the old luthiers of naturally treating the wood, stabilizing the material and improving the sound. His unique rich oil varnish is hand made from select high quality resins, pigments, and minerals. Hristo’s instruments have been highly praised and valued by teachers and established string performers.

While studying, Hristo participated in the 3rd international ANLAI Pisogne Competition in 2012 and won a special prize and first place for his viola. A few months later, he graduated successfully. In the following year, at the 7th National ANLAI 2013 Competition, he received a bronze medal and won third place for his violin. His instruments are already being played in Japan, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, and Russia. He continues to keep close friendships and to study with different violin makers throughout the world.