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ViolaErnesto Vaia, Cremona 1982, 16″
ViolaButhod workshop, Mirecourt c. 1880 (15.75″)
ViolaFrench Viola, Mirecourt c. 1880 (15⅞”)

A classic French workshop instrument of high quality made in the late 19th century. Well maintained and beautifully made, this viola possesses a clear, broad tone.

New Arrival
ViolaRobert W. McCluskie, Potomac 2013 #384 16½”/41.8 cm
ViolaFabrizio Ragazzi, Sanremo 2006 (15.75″)

From the hands of a maker who also happens to be a professional musician, its tone is both sonorous and clear.

ViolaRobert W. McCluskie, Potomac 2012 #377 (16.2″)

Description in preparation.

ViolaRobert McCluskie, Potomac 2008 (41 cm)
ViolaGiovanni Battista Virzi workshop, New York 1938
ViolaGagliano copy, Markneukirchen c. 1920 (39 cm)
ViolaFranz Josef Klier, Testore Model, Bubenreuth c. 1950 (16³/₁₆”)

A good representation of a Testore instrument bearing a good facsimile Carlo Antonio Testore label. This instrument possesses a fine, robust and colorful tone quality.

ViolaErnst Heinrich Roth workshop, Bubenreuth-Erlangen 1959, (43.2 cm.)

This viola from the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop is an example of the continuation of the Markneukirchen tradition in post war Germany. Beautifully made with excellent tonal qualities.

Viola“HM/GH” Label, 1911 (16½”)

Possessing a bold, full bodied and rich tone, this is the ideal instrument for the player looking for a professional instrument.

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