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New Arrival
Viola“Michael Deconet” Germany c. 1920 (16.5″/ 42 cm)
ViolaFrench c. 1930, Mirecourt, Labeled “Pierre Gouvernel, Paris 1930″, 16”
ViolaMartin Olteanu workshop, Bucharest 2011 (41.2 cm.)
ViolaWilliam J. Hu & Snow, Beijing 2004, 16″/40.6 cm

A contemporary, beautifully handmade viola.

New Arrival
ViolaClement & Weise, Model 220, Bubenreuth 2005 (16″/40.5 cm)
ViolaClement & Weise, Model 220, Bubenreuth 2008 (15 1/2″/ 39.4 cm)
New Arrival
ViolaLorenzo Renaldi model, from the Guy Cole workshop, 1998 (38.2 cm)
ViolaWieslaw Sokolowski, Białystok 1992 (16½”)
New Arrival
ViolaMing-Jiang Zhu, Guangzhou 2014, 15″ Size

A characteristic example from the Ming-Jiang Zhu workshop. For a viola of this size, this instrument has a fine, robust and warm tone.

ViolaMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop, Guangzhou 2014, 16½”

From the workshop of the award winning master Ming-Jiang Zhu comes this fine, handpicked viola made with excellent quality woods and varnished with great attention to detail. Players will enjoy…

New Arrival
ViolaKarl Hofner Workshop, Hagenau 2007, no. 115 A5 16″
ViolaMeteny Workshop “de la Dyle”, Brussels 2014 (40.6 cm.)
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