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ViolaEnglish, labeled Storioni, c. 1790 (15.3″)

Labeled “Laurentius Storioni fecit. / Cremonae anno 1790”, this viola possesses a broad, well focused and colorful tone.

ViolaGiuseppe Quagliano, Jesi 2003 (16⁵/₁₆”/ 41.4 cm.)

A fine example of contemporary Italian making at its best, this viola has a rich, broad tone with warmth and sweetness throughout its register. The maker’s certificate is included.

ViolaEduard Francais, Lille c. 1820 (15.4″)
ViolaW.E. Hill & Sons, London 1972, 16¾
ViolaMaurizio Tadioli, Cortetano Cremona 2001. 42.2 cm.

A fine, early example from one of Italy’s most promising makers of this century.

ViolaWojciech Topa, Zakopane 2016, 16¼”

Another fine viola by Wojciech Topa bearing a full, rich tone.

ViolaVirginie Pezet Berton, Paris 2018 (40.2 cm)

This viola is based on a similar model by Andrea Guarneri. It’s a smaller instrument that respects the proportions of the original Guarneri model with a shorter lower bout uniquely…

ViolaVirginie Pezet Berton, Paris 2019 (41.4 cm)

A “Conte Vitale” model developed in line with current scientific research. This model was built with the goal of rediscovering underlying principles of tonal quality and homogeneity.

ViolaDavid Emile Brobst, Alexandria 2016, 16″
New Arrival
ViolaRoy W. Morgan, Chicago, mid 20th century (16.5″)

A very nice American made viola by Roy Morgan. This instrument features a beautiful, orange-amber varnish over a well figured, two piece maple back and has a fine, powerful tone….

ViolaMario Gadda workshop, Mantua 1971 (16.5″)
ViolaUmberto Lanaro, Padua 1971, 16.5”
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