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ViolaVincenzo Cavani, Modena 1958, 16½”

Description in preparation.

New Arrival
ViolaPaolo Vettori, da Salo model, Florence 2018, 42 cm
ViolaNatale Carletti, Pieve di Cento c. 1960, 16″

Includes a certificate by Dimitry Gindin, London, 25 August 2017. Measurements: Length of body: 40.8cm (16.1in) Upper bout: 18.9cm (7.44in) Middle bout: 13.4cm (5.28in) Lower bout: 23.6cm (9.29in) Ribs: 4.40cm…

ViolaIgino Sderci, Florence 1954, 16½”

Description in preparation.

New Arrival
ViolaSofia Vettori, Florence 2018, “Libra” 42.1 cm
ViolaJohn Betts, London c. 1800, 15¼”

Description in preparation.

ViolaMax Millant, Paris 1975, 16-1/8″

Max Millant was born in Paris in 1903. He and his brother Roger studied under their grandfather, maker S. A. Deroux. Max also studied under the prominent makers Mougenot, Jacquet,…

ViolaDario Vettori, Florence 2015, 16-3/8″

Includes the maker’s certificate.

ViolaEduard Francais, Lille c. 1820, 15⅜”

Description in preparation.

ViolaW.E. Hill & Sons, London 1972, 16¾
ViolaJoseph Settin, New York 1937, 17½”

A large instrument with a very large tone. The back is from a single piece of poplar with matching sides. The grafted neck is from flamed maple while the pegbox…

ViolaGiuseppi Quagliano, Jesi 2003, 16⁵/₁₆”

The maker’s certificate is included.

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