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ViolaMarek Tomaszewski, Nowy Targ 2019

An exceptional viola from the hands of an up and coming maker from Poland. This instrument possesses a fine, robust tone that is colorful and well focused.

ViolaPawel Migiel, Zakopane 2020 (15 9/16″, 40.2 cm)
ViolaChristian Pabst, Cremona 2001, 16¼”

The tone of this viola is both clear and well focused. Includes the maker’s certificate.

ViolaMigiel Paweł, Zakopane 2017 – 16⅜”
New Arrival
ViolaDiéudonné Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1950

Enjoy this well made French viola from one of the leading workshops of its era. This viola possesses a full bodied, well focused tone.

ViolaItalian School Labeled “Carolus Giudici,” c. 1960 16″

This finely made Italian violin has a full, resonant tone with sweetness and warmth. Labeled “Carolus Giudici”.

ViolaFrench Viola, Mirecourt c. 1880 (15⅞”)

A classic French workshop instrument of high quality made in the late 19th century. Well maintained and beautifully made, this viola possesses a clear, broad tone.

ViolaErnesto Vaia, Cremona 1982, 16″
ViolaButhod workshop, Mirecourt c. 1880 (15.75″)
New Arrival
ViolaRobert W. McCluskie, Potomac 2013 #384 16½”/41.8 cm
ViolaFabrizio Ragazzi, Sanremo 2006 (15.75″)

From the hands of a maker who also happens to be a professional musician, its tone is both sonorous and clear.

ViolaRobert McCluskie, Potomac 2008 (41 cm)
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