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New Arrival
ViolaStephanie Voss, Atlanta 2022 “Model Scala Corta” (16 5/16″/ 41.4 cm.)

This instrument is part of the groundbreaking exhibition entitled “Celebrating Women Luthiers: An International Exhibition,” and will be available for trial and purchase for a limited time. For more information…

New Arrival
ViolaItzel Avila, Toronto 2017 “Obialto” (16″/ 40.6 cm.)
ViolaWojciech Topa, Zakopane 2017, 15¾”

This brand new viola from Wojciech Topa is a fine example of this maker’s work, bearing his distinct varnishing technique and holding a rich, deep sound. Measurements: Total length: 26¼”…

ViolaWojciech Topa, Zakopane 2016, 16¼”

Another fine viola by Wojciech Topa bearing a full, rich tone.

ViolaWojciech Topa, Zakopane 2019 (40 cm.)

Wojciech Topa is a rising, master maker from the mountainous region of Zakopane, Poland. This beautifully made viola features a full bodied, well focused and clear tone quality. An instrument…

ViolaWojciech Topa, Zakopane 2019 – 40 cm. (15 3/4″)
ViolaMarco Nolli, Cremona 2003, 16¼”

A fine example of contemporary Cremonese artistry and craftsmanship combining with a superb tone make this one of the most exceptional violas a player can find in this price-range. For…

ViolaVittorio Villa, Cremona 2003, 15⅞”

Description in preparation.

ViolaVirginie Pezet Berton, Paris 2018 (40.2 cm)

This viola is based on a similar model by Andrea Guarneri. It’s a smaller instrument that respects the proportions of the original Guarneri model with a shorter lower bout uniquely…

ViolaVirginie Pezet Berton, Paris 2019 (41.4 cm)

A “Conte Vitale” model developed in line with current scientific research. This model was built with the goal of rediscovering underlying principles of tonal quality and homogeneity.

New Arrival
ViolaJules Grandjon workshop, Mirecourt c. 1880 (16″/40.7 cm)
ViolaWilliam Whedbee, Chicago 1985, (41 cm./ 16³/₁₆”)

A fine example of this popular maker’s early work. The label reads: “Entirely Handmade In The Shop Of / William H. Lee & Co., Inc. / Chicago Illinois / Model…

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