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New Arrival
ViolaCarl Becker Sr., Chicago 1935, 41.9 cm.
ViolaVincenzo Cavani, Modena 1958, 16½”

Description in preparation.

New Arrival
ViolaGeorge Gemünder, Astoria 1884. 39.4 cm.
New Arrival
ViolaPaolo Vettori, da Salo model, Florence 2018, 42 cm
ViolaIgino Sderci, Florence 1954, 16½”

Description in preparation.

ViolaNatale Carletti, Pieve di Cento c. 1960, 16″

Includes a certificate by Dimitry Gindin, London, 25 August 2017. Measurements: Length of body: 40.8cm (16.1in) Upper bout: 18.9cm (7.44in) Middle bout: 13.4cm (5.28in) Lower bout: 23.6cm (9.29in) Ribs: 4.40cm…

New Arrival
ViolaSofia Vettori, Florence 2018, “Libra” 42.1 cm
ViolaDario Vettori, Florence 2015, 16-3/8″

Includes the maker’s certificate.

ViolaEnglish c. 1790, 15⁵/₁₆”

Description in preparation.

ViolaGiuseppi Quagliano, Jesi 2003, 16⁵/₁₆”

The maker’s certificate is included.

ViolaLuciano Sderci, Florence 1970, 16½”

This is a mint condition instrument from the 1970’s, by a well-recognized maker, who was the son of Igino Sderci. It possesses a very deep and complex tone. It is…

New Arrival
ViolaMaurizio Tadioli, Cortetano Cremona 2001. 42.2 cm.
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