Double Basses

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Double BasseSchönfelder workshop, Markneukirchen 1935
New Arrival
Double BasseGerman, Unlabeled Bass, c. 1880-1890

A lovely German made bass from the late 19th century featuring a dark, red-brown varnish.  This instrument has a fine, warm tone with evenness across the strings and rich tone…

Double BasseJohann Albrecht, Bubenreuth 1995

This is a contemporary German bass made exclusively for Brobst Violin Shop. It is handmade from seasoned European tonewood with a medium golden brown varnish and an elegant antique finish….

New Arrival
Double BasseE.M. Pöllmann, c. 1965-70, made by Günther Pöllmann

Here is a lovely 3/4 bass from one of the world’s most renowned bass makers.  This instrument is made with gamba corners and has a lovely orange amber varnish over…

Double BasseErnst Heinrich Roth, Bubenreuth-Erlangen 1963

This bass has a fine, clear tone. For pizzicato, the articulation has punch and brilliance. The overall condition is very good and would be an excellent match for the player…

Double BasseAlan Lorenz, Contemporary European Bass

This is a contemporary handmade European bass. The back is made from two pieces of finely figured maple with matching sides. The neck and scroll are of plain maple. The…

Double BasseJiri Povolny workshop, Prague 2009, Giuseppe Dollenz model

This fine contemporary bass is a Dollenz model, produced as a joint design of the Kolstein Shop in New York and the Pavolny Violin Shop in the Czech Republic. It…

Double BasseCedar Music Bass, Beijing 2017
Double BasseAndreas Eastman model #305, Beijing 2012
Double BasseGiuseppe Renaldi Model, 2010

This contemporary bass was hand crafted in China. It bears the Brobst Violin Shop trade name of Giuseppe Renaldi, Vecchio model. This bass is in excellent condition and has an…

New Arrival
Double BasseCalin Wultur “Carcassi Model” Reghin, 2005

Here is a lovely, contemporary handmade bass from the Calin Wultur shop. The bass possesses a fine tone with warmth and power.

Double BasseBusetto model, Beijing 2012
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