Playability and tone production are the primary functions of the bow. With this in mind, we strive to offer the finest-playing bows that facilitate the player’s technique, assist in tone production, and complement the inherent sound quality of the instrument. We conduct thorough trials of our bows prior to their acquisition with these criteria in mind. Newly-made bows are judged primarily on these criteria, while older or antique bows are also judged on their condition and authenticity. In our full-service shop we thoroughly inspect new bows, and repair or restore each older or antique bow prior to offering it for sale. The authenticity of each bow is guaranteed. We provide certificates of authenticity for older or antique bows, either from our shop or other recognized experts in the field. Newly-made bows will either carry a certificate from our shop, from the maker, or in our stated-policy guarantee.

We source our bows from the finest makers, collectors, experts, and manufacturers, world-wide. By frequent travel abroad, or visits from makers and dealers, we are constantly making new acquisitions. We pride ourselves on maintaining an extensive collection of the finest bows in all price ranges. Our staff can assist players from the beginner to the professional in all aspects of bow selection, as well as advice on investment, sale, repair and restoration. We invite you to contact us regarding a bow purchase, sale or consignment, or simply visit us during regular business hours and spend as much time as you like trying our bows.