Bass Bows

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Bass BowJ.B. Ricketts, Silver/Ebony
Bass BowHorst Schicker, Germany

An exceptional French style bass bow by Horst Schicker. The round stick is made from Pernambuco wood of fine figure. The frog is mounted in sterling silver with inlaid Mother-of-Pearl…

Bass BowLothar Seifert, Silver/Ebony (French style)
Bass BowAimé Kling, Nickel Silver/Ebony
Bass BowLeomar, Silver/Ebony (French Style)
Bass BowCarbow Carbon Fiber Bass Bow, Nickel Silver/Ebony, Salt & Pepper Hair (German Style)

A handmade German model bow by a French bowmaker. The stick is natural (unpainted) carbon fibre. The ebony frog is nickel silver mounted.

Bass BowH.R. Pfretzschner baroque bass Viola da Gamba bow w/ German-style frog
Bass BowAlfred Knoll, Regnitzlosau (French Style) Nickel Silver/Ebony

An excellent French style bass bow from one of Germany’s leading bow making workshops. This bow produces a well focused, powerful tone and has a well balanced feel in the…

Bass BowV. Siqueira, Brazil (German Style)

This German style bass bow has strength and is capable of obtaining a well focused, robust tone from most any bass.

Bass BowJean-Paul Martin (German Style) Silver/Ebony

Made using the best materials, this bow is light in the hand, well balanced and lively. The weight fully haired is 130.4 grams.

Bass BowDörfler, Nickel Silver/Ebony (French Style)
Bass BowAlfred Knoll, Germany, Silver/Ebony

A lovely German made French style bow for the advancing player. This bow feels well balanced and is capable of realizing a strong, well focused tone.

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