Bass Bows

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Bass BowLothar Seifert, Silver/Ebony (French style)
Bass BowRoger Breton, Nickel Silver/Ebony
Bass BowCarbow, carbon fibre with Nickel Silver/Ebony (German style)

A handmade German model bow by a French bowmaker. The stick is natural (unpainted) carbon fibre. The ebony frog is nickel silver mounted.

Bass BowKnoll 513, Nickel Silver/Ebony

This is a fine German made French style bass bow.

Bass BowJonPaul, Nickel Silver/Ebony – French Style

This bow from the JonPaul workshop is made with Pernambuco wood and features an ebony frog with a pearl eye, leather grip, and a silver-plated winding.

Bass BowKnoll 501 – German Style

This German style bow is a fine example of Knoll craftsmanship with a round Brazilwood stick, ebony frog with a pearl eye, and a leather grip. At its affordable price…

Bass BowHorst Schicker, Silver/Ebony (French/German)
Bass BowValdecir, Silver/Ebony (French/German)
Bass BowFrancois Lupot II, Silver/Ebony

This is a very fine and rare bass bow by Francois Lupot II, Paris circa 1820. It is to be sold with the photo certificate of Paul Childs which reads…

Bass BowLouis Morizot, Silver/Ebony (French style frog)
Bass BowSamuel Kolstein, Silver/Ebony (German style)
Bass BowH.R. Pfretzschner, Silver/Ebony (German style)