Viola Bows

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Viola BowEugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony

Certified by Paul Childs, Montrose, N.Y., May 2012.

Viola BowÉmile August Ouchard, New York 1958, silver & ebony
Viola BowLouis Gillet, silver & ebony

This beautifully made bow has strength and a well balanced feel in the hand. It exhibits many of the fine playing qualities that an advanced/professional player would expect from such…

Viola BowE.F. & E.A. Ouchard, Mirecourt c. 1930. silver & ebony

A very fine collaborative viola bow by the father and son, E.F. and E.A. Ouchard. The round stick is made from golden brown pernambuco wood. The ebony frog is silver…

Viola BowJ.J. Martin, Mirecourt ca. 1875
Viola BowW.E. Hill & Sons, silver & ebony
Viola BowMorizot freres, “Paul Bisch”, silver & ebony

Includes a certificate by Paul Childs, Montrose, N.Y., 19 June 2020.

Viola BowPierre Guillaume, Bruxelles 2024, gold & ebony

Includes a certificate by Pierre Guillaume, 16 Jan 2024. D114

Viola BowWilliam Salchow, silver & ebony
Viola BowJohannes S. Finkel, Brienz, gold & tortoiseshell
Viola BowJerome Thibouville-Lamy workshop, Mirecourt c. 1910, silver & ebony
Viola BowFrancois Lotte, Nickel Silver/Ebony
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