Viola Bows

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Viola BowCirilo, Brazil, Nickel Silver/Ebony
New Arrival
Viola BowAlfred Knoll, Germany, Nickel Silver/Ebony, #190

An example of many from the Alfred Knoll workshop. These bows are long appreciated for their strong, well balanced and lively playing characteristics.

Viola BowCirilo, Brazil, Nickel Silver/Ebony
Viola BowAlessandro Carlesso
Viola BowD. Otoni
Viola BowAlfred Knoll, Germany, #190K

One example of several. This type of bow from one of Germany’s leading workshops tend to be strong and well balanced with excellent playing qualities.

Viola BowAlfred Knoll 190

One example of several from one of Germany’s leading bow making workshops.

Viola BowSeifert Workshop, Germany, Nickel Silver/Ebony, #660
Viola BowAlfred Knoll Alto 410 68cm

This bow is ideally suited for the player looking to explore Baroque period performance practice.

Viola BowJonPaul Fusion

This bow is an excellent choice as an upgrade for advancing players. One example of many.

Viola BowJonPaul Fusion, Nickel Silver/Ebony, Carbon Viola Bow

Pro Player A popular choice among advancing violists and included in our Renaldi “Vintage” viola outfit, this JonPaul Fusion viola bow unites the wood aesthetic and carbon fiber core strength…

Viola BowJ.S. Finkel, Silver/Ebony
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