Violin Bows

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Violin BowTourte Workshop, Gold/Ebony, c. 1800

Crafted in the shop of Francois Tourte in Paris around 1800 – 1805, this fine bow is in excellent condition and includes its original frog along with a contemporary copy…

Violin BowEugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony

This is an extremely fine example of Sartory’s work circa 1925. It is in superb condition and is an excellent player. It is certified by Paul Childs, Montrose, N.Y., March…

Violin BowEugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony
Violin BowNicolas Maline, Mirecourt c. 1845-50
Violin BowEugene Sartory, Paris c. 1930, Silver/Ebony
Violin BowEugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony
Violin BowEugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony

Octagonal pernambuco stick, ebony frog with silver mountings and mother-of-pearl eye on each side. Includes a certificate by Paul Childs, Montrose, NY, 6 November 2017.

Violin BowFran├žois Nicolas Voirin, Silver/Ebony
Violin BowFrancois Nicolas Voirin, Paris c. 1880, Silver/Ebony

Branded “F.N. Voirin A Paris”. The round stick of red-brown pernambuco, the ivory tip plate, the silver wire winding, the silver mounted ebony frog with mother-of-pearl eyes, the ebony button…

Violin BowJ.J. Martin, Silver/Ebony, Branded “H.C. SILVESTRE”

A fine bow with quick action, good spiccato and attack and hair feeling nice and taut. Includes a certificate by Salchow & Sons, 2 May 2018.

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Violin BowCharles Peccatte, NS/E
Violin BowEmile August Ouchard, Silver/Ivory
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