Sofia Vettori

Sofia Vettori was born in Fiesole in 1981 to accomplished luthier Paolo Vettori. She is the granddaughter of Dario Vettori. She began to take an interest in the world of music at a very early age, studying the violin first privately, then at the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence. In 2005, she recieved her diploma from the Mascagni Conservatory in Livorno under the guidance of Petru Horvath. She also studied the faculties of Literature at the University of Florence, studying the old Mesopotamian archeology. Here, she recieved her diploma in 2004. Sofia is a very talented violin maker, and she has produced several instruments in her family’s workshop. She prefers a traditional appearance, often following the technique and aesthetic of Guarneri del Gesù and G.B. Guandagnini. She has researched the old formulas of varnish from old manuscripts of her grandfather Dario.

Sofia’s instruments have a remarkable and unique quality of sound, and a beautiful and sophisticated appearance. She tracks the production of her instruments with photographs and notes compiled into unique books, and affords each instrument a unique personality and name. Selections from these books can be viewed on each of her instrument pages.