Paolo Vettori

Paolo Vettori, known as “il liutaio della montagna”, was born in Firenzuola, a small city in the Tosco-Romagnolo Appennini mountains, in 1945, and is the fifth-eldest son of Dario (1903-1973). He started working in his father’s workshop at a very early age. In the 1960s, when he visited the violin workshop of Carlo Bisiach with his father, he was fascinated by the instruments, models, molds, as well as by the strong personality of the important Master. In the 1970s, he moved to Florence, where he was a frequent visitor and observer of the violin workshops of Lapo Casini and Sderci, where he received precious and important advice. When Giuseppe Stefanini moved from Brescia to Florence in 1986, the two craftsmen became acquainted, and a lasting friendship and deep mutual esteem developed between them. Paolo acquired various techniques, models for violin-making, and formulae for varnishes exclusive to the Bisiach family, with whom Stefanini collaborated closely for many decades. Paolo has already built more than 300 instruments including violins, violas and violoncellos, employing a great variety of models, many of which came from Carlo Bisiach’s workshop, acquired in 1997. He also has used various molds and tools, exactly those which he had the possibility of admiring a long time ago, in 1963, in the violin workshop in Via Puccinotti 94. Paolo’s construction technique and style show strong traces of his father’s influence, but also of the immense experience acquired over the years. Currently, he works in his workshop in Via della Dogana with his two sons, Dario II and Lapo, and his daughter, Sofia, everyone signing the instruments with their own labels. Together, the family continues to follow the tradition and the great adventure started by “grandfather Dario” in 1935. In 2005, they celebrated 70 years of violin-making.