Paolo Vettori

Paolo Vettori was born in Firenzuola, Italy in 1945. He is the fifth-eldest son of Dario Vettori (1903-1973). As a very young boy, he started training in the art of violin making under his father. Dario introduced him to important maker Carlo Bisiach, and Paolo was fascinated by the models and methods of the Bisiach workshop. These models would inspire him for the remainder of his career. Paolo also acquired formulae for varnishes exclusive to the Bisiach family. In his late 20s he moved to the city of Florence. Here, he was able to visit the violin workshops of Lapo Casini and Luciano Sderci. When esteemed maker Giuseppe Stefanini moved from Brescia to Florence in 1986, the two craftsmen developed a friendship and mutual respectfor each others’ work.

Paolo has produced more than 300 instruments including violins, violas and cellos in a variety of models. Paolo’s techniques are influenced by the work of his father, but also by his own vast experience. He currently works in his workshop on Via della Dogana with his two sons, Dario Vettori II and Lapo Vettori, and his daughter, Sofia Vettori. The family works together to continue the tradition of craftsmanship started by their grandfather Dario in 1935.