Gianluca Zanetti

Gianluca Zanetti was born in Mantua, Italy in 1977. He first studied violin making with Vanna Zambelli at the Scuola di Liuteria di Cremona. After graduating in 1999, Zanetti studied further with master maker Stefano Trabucchi. Years later, he established the Liuteria Classica Mantova alongside another luthier from Mantova, Alessandro Gambarin. During his career, he also worked with makers Daniela SolcĂ . He passed away in 2017.

A strong admirer of the Cremonese tradition of violin making, Zanetti often worked with Stradivari models. He sold instruments in Europe and the US, where he found great admirers of his work. He exhibited his fine instruments at exhibitions all over the world, including at the 11th Cremona Triennial Competition and Music China 2016 in Shanghai.