The Symphony Model Outfit ***Rent-to-Own Option*** 12″-16 1/2″ sizes

This entry-level viola model, available in multiple sizes, offers a rich, professional sound for an attractive price. Starting from $795 to $1050, the outfit includes a hard plastic case, rosin, and a composite carbon fiber bow, the complete starter kit for new players. Each instrument is fully shop adjusted to ensure a beautiful tone and to place pure quality in the hands of interested players. Customers can also choose to rent this outfit locally starting at $21/month to $25/month depending on the size of the instrument. See our rental program page for more details.

The photos on this page are of a 15″ viola. However, we do also offer 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 15½”, 16″, and 16½” models.

Images of this instrument are typical of this model.

Viola Demonstration

Inventory #: 141/02