Violin Bows

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Violin BowVincent Tricou, Gold/Ebony

One of two very fine contemporary French master made bows in our collection. This one, made from well seasoned LIGHT brown pernambuco. The ebony frog is mounted in gold. The…

Violin BowMaire/Peccatte school, Nickel/Ebony

This is a very interesting bow from one of the great schools of bowmaking. It has playing qualities equaling those of certified Maire or Peccatte bows of a much higher…

Violin BowEmile Francois Ouchard, Silver/Ebony

Branded “R&M Millant A Paris”. The round stick of medium brown pernambuco, the ivory tip plate, the silver wire winding, the silver mounted ebony frog with parisian eyes and rounded…

Violin BowW.E. Hill & Sons Silver/Tortoiseshell
Violin BowLouis Joseph Morizot “Pere”, Mirecourt, ca. 1920-25, branded “Georges Apparut”

Includes a certificate by Salchow & Sons, New York, NY, 12 April 2012.

Violin BowJ.B. Vuillaume, Silver/Ebony, by J. J. Martin

This bow was made for J.B. Vuillaume by Jean-Joseph Martin. It performs with excellent spiccato and good action that is slightly softer, producing a rich tone.The stick is round and…

Violin BowLouis Bazin, Nickel/Ebony

An excellent violin bow by this maker. The round stick is of a red-brown color. It has an ivory tip plate, silver winding, an ebony frog with inlaid pearl eyes,…

Violin BowFrancois Lotte, branded “J.V. Charotte”, c. 1925, Silver/Ebony
Violin BowPierre Guillaume, Branded “Guillaume a Bruxelles,” Gold/Ebony
New Arrival
Violin BowLouis Piernot, Paris c. 1910 for the firm of Leon Bernardel

The bows made by this maker are highly appreciated, especially those from the early period of his output. This example possesses many of the fine playing characteristics that make it…

Violin BowMorizot “Pere,” Nickel Silver/Ebony Pillot-Aine
Violin BowW.E. Hill & Sons, London, Silver/Ebony
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