Viola Bows

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New Arrival
Viola BowJ. Galacha, silver & ebony
Viola BowG. Soares, Brazil, Silver/Ebony
New Arrival
Viola BowF. Zanoni, silver and ebony

These lovely bows are expertly crafted for superb playability.  The photos are representative of our current offering of bows by a group of makers including A.R. Carvalho, F. Buzatto and…

New Arrival
Viola BowCirilo Sousa, silver and ebony
Viola BowMarco Raposo, Silver/Ebony

This is a typical example of the high level of artistry and workmanship from one of the noted contemporary bow making workshops in Brazil. These bows are hand selected for…

Viola BowAlfred Knoll, Silver/Ebony 290

Finely made with choice Pernambuco wood and silver mounted ebony frogs, these are among the best playing bows made in the Knoll workshop.

New Arrival
Viola BowAlfred Knoll, Germany, Nickel Silver/Ebony #242k

German craftsmanship and exceptional playing qualities combine in this viola bow for the advancing player.

Viola BowD. Otoni, Brazil, Nickel Silver/Ebony
Viola BowWilhelm Schuster
Viola BowCirilo, Brazil, Nickel Silver/Ebony
Viola BowG. Soares, Brazil, Nickel Silver/Ebony
Viola BowC. Herculano, Brazil, Nickel Silver/Ebony
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