Cello Bows

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Cello BowNicolas Delaune *, silver & ebony
Cello BowErnst Heinrich Roth
Cello BowNicolas Delaune, silver & ebony

A fine example of modern bow making from the J.F. Daber workshop in Lyon, France. Employing the exacting standards and long tradition of the best French bow makers, this bow…

Cello BowRebecca Pierce, Montreal 2021, silver & ebony
Cello BowLothar Seifert, silver & ebony

This well balanced, strong bow will enable the player to reach a professional standard of performance practice. A beautifully made creation by one of Germany’s leading bow makers.

Cello Bow“A. Lamy a Paris” stamp, silver & ebony

This lightweight cello bow is stamped “A. Lamy a Paris”. The stick is strong and articulates cleanly.

Cello BowOtto D├╝rrschmidt

An exceptional cello bow by a noted German bow maker, this bow feels light in the hand but pulls a fine, solid tone from the cello. It is also quite…

Cello BowManoel Francisco
Cello BowManoel Francisco
Cello BowC. Herculano, silver & horn
Cello BowW. Seifert #132, Germany, nickel & ebony

This bow is an example of fine German artistry and craftsmanship from an important bow making workshop. Made from choice materials, these bows tend to be strong and well balanced….

Cello BowJonPaul Carrera, Professional Carbon Travel Bow, silver & horn

This JonPaul Carrera carbon fiber bow is designed with travel-friendly materials, making it the essential bow for traveling cellists.

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