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ViolinDario Giovanni European Tonewood Model, Los Angeles 2017

Handcrafted Violin The Dario Giovanni model violin is a well-made handcrafted instrument designed with quality materials and impressive sound in mind. Made with European tonewood and attractively varnished, this violin…

ViolinSofia “Amadeus” Model, Christo Nikolov, Sofia 2003

Designed for the advancing player looking for a high quality, European made violin with a very good sound at a great price.

ViolinCarl De Luca Model, Los Angeles 2019
ViolinSandro Luciano Model

The Sandro Luciano model violin is a high-quality handmade instrument featuring an attractive golden-amber and reddish-brown varnish, a superb tone, and our full shop adjustment with our hand-fit soundpost and…

ViolinGiuseppe Renaldi “Vintage” Model

Exceptional Performance at an Affordable Price Our Giuseppe Renaldi “Vintage” violin is an affordable handmade instrument for the advancing player and is our most popular upgrade violin. These instruments are…

ViolinJosef Bittner Model 150, Prague 2018

A well-made European instrument, the Josef Bittner model is a popular violin among students and advancing players looking to take their sound to the next level. The violin offers a…

New Arrival
ViolinKarl Höfner, Bübenreuth 2019

A classic, German made example among the best in their tradition of high quality workmanship, design and modeling from one of the finest workshops in operation today. Possessing a full,…

New Arrival
ViolinPeter Kauffman Model, Los Angeles 2018, 7/8 size

An exceptional example of how a slightly smaller violin can possess full, rich tonal characteristics that are well above its price.

New Arrival
ViolinPeter Kauffman Model

An example of first-rate modeling and workmanship, this violin possesses a truly fine tone equal to many instruments in a higher price category. The outfit is priced to include a…

ViolinAndreas Eastman model #305, 2017
New Arrival
ViolinNico Chen “Orchestra” model Violin Outfit
New Arrival
ViolinOtto violin 2019

4/4 Sized violin for the beginning Maestro. Price includes a dart style, light weight case with a black fiberglass horsehair bow.

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