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New Arrival
ViolinMarco Nolli, Cremona 2003

In the tradition of Italian violin making, Maestro Nolli has achieved a fine reputation among the noted makers from Cremona today. This violin is patterned after Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu…

New Arrival
ViolinGianluca Zanetti, Cremona 2003
ViolinLapo Vettori, Florence 2013

This instrument carries on the grand tradition of contemporary Italian violin making represented by the Vettori family. This violin has a strong and direct tone with abundant richness. The maker’s…

ViolinRaymond Melanson, Rochester, MA 2007

This violin was built and varnished in the early Italian tradition, with an orange brown varnish that is tastefully and lightly antiqued. It has a two piece maple back with…

ViolinRaymond Joseph Melanson, Rochester 2014
ViolinHristo Todorov Cremona 2016

Description coming soon.

ViolinSebastian Freymadl, Cremona 2007

This instrument clearly demonstrates Maestro Freymadl’s excellent craftsmanship. The varnish is a yellow orange color and the back is a two piece maple with medium flame. It has a robust,…

New Arrival
ViolinRaffaello Stefanini, Bologna 2014
ViolinSabino Preti, Cremona 1987
ViolinHristo Todorov, Cremona 2015
ViolinHristo Todorov, Cremona 2016
ViolinMarcello Bellei, Modena 2007

This violin is a very faithful reproduction of a 1923 Augusto Pollastri. The back is from a single piece of well-figured maple with matching sides and neck. The top is…

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