Stefano Scarampella

Stefano Scarampella was born in 1843 in Brescia into a family already inclined to musical pursuits. His father was involved in instrument repair and may have made his own instruments as well. His older brother Guiseppe earned respect and early fame as a maker and repairer but Stefano out-produced him and is more well known today. They maintained a good relationship as shown by his labels reading “Brother and student of Guiseppe.” In 1919, Stefano was joined in his shop by Gaetano Gadda who first assisted in the rough work of making. Gadda later made his own instruments, continuing in the shop until he inherited it upon Stefano’s death in 1924.

Among Scarampella’s students are Oreste Martini, Gaetano Gadda, and Dante Guastalla.