Romedio Muncher

Romedio Muncher was born in 1874. Muncher studied at the “Ala Ponzone” School of Art and Sculpture in Cremona. After recieving his degree in 1891, he began training as a violin maker under Enrico Ceruti. In 1892, Muncher was employed by the Claudio-Monteverdi firm run by Aristide Cavalli. In 1920, he was able to establish his own workshop. As an independent luthier he made instruments for Bottali Roth & Pellitti, which was one the largest producers of instruments in Italy in the 20th century. Muncher made around 2000 violins from 1919 until his death in 1940.

Muncher developed an original style during his many years working independently. He carefully researched the techniques of the old cremonese masters and incorporated that style into his own instruments. He learned traditional varnishing techniques from a furniture maker, and he would take great care in applying and layering varnish on his instruments for the highest quality result.