Ming-Jiang Zhu Workshop

The Ming-Jiang Zhu Workshop is based in Guangzhou, China under the guidance of the outstanding maker Ming-Jiang Zhu. Zhu was trained under master violin maker and educator Guo-Hui Liang. In 1991, he opened his own workshop. Ming Jiang Zhu has won 19 awards from international competitions and has been labeled “within the top 5% of violin makers in the world today.”

Many of the luthiers at Ming-Jiang Zhu workshop have been awarded for their workmanship as well. Altogether, the workshop has won 23 awards from top international competitions including the Violin Society of America, including 2 gold and 3 silver medals.

The instruments of the workshop are crafted following Italian traditions and standards of craftsmanship. Ming Jiang Zhu Workshop constantly produces exceptional and exquisite instruments that are powerful in tone.

ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop Model 100, Guangzhou 2014

Images of this instrument are typical of this model. Violin Demonstration

ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop Model 200, Guangzhou 2015

This violin from the Ming-Jiang Zhu Workshop is an excellent choice for advancing players. It has a rich, powerful tone that projects well with extra depth in the lower register….

ViolaMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop, Guangzhou 2014, 16″

Viola Demonstration

ViolaMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop, Guangzhou 2014, 16½”

From the workshop of the award winning master Ming-Jiang Zhu comes this fine, handpicked viola made with excellent quality woods and varnished with great attention to detail. Players will enjoy…

CelloMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop Model 200, Guangzhou 2016
ViolaMing-Jiang Zhu, Guangzhou 2014, 15″ Size

A characteristic example from the Ming-Jiang Zhu workshop. For a viola of this size, this instrument has a fine, robust and warm tone. Viola Demonstration

ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop, Guangzhou 2014

This violin is a great value and features European tone wood. It has a fine, robust tone and is beautifully made. The appearance of this instrument is typical for the…

ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu, Guangzhou model 6909A

In terms of the beauty of the workmanship and tone quality, this violin is a tremendous value. Violin Demonstration

ViolinMing Jiang Zhu Workshop

This lovely handmade violin possesses a compelling tone that will please a player with an ear for warmth, depth, and sweetness.  A masterfully-crafted instrument with lustrous varnish and a satisfying…

ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu 2023, (7/8 size)