Genuzio Carletti

1905 – 1996


Genuzio Carletti was born in Pieve di Cento, Italy. As a young boy he picked up the basics of violin making from his uncle, a former cabinet maker. Carletti opened his own workshop in Pieve di Cento around 1930. He won first place for a viola in Cremona in 1949. In the late 1940s, Carletti also met Joseph Settin, an American violin trader. This led to an agreement with the Center of Violin Making of New York to sell Carletti’s instruments in the United States.

Carletti moved to Cento in 1956 where he lived and worked for the remainder of his career. At this time Genuzio focused on selling his instruments to players and orchestras in Italy and Europe. He worked almost up to his death. His instruments show his wide range of experience and dedication to his craft. The are rich sounding and extremely well crafted.