Gaetano Sgarabotto

Gaetano Sgarabotto was born in Vicenza, Italy in 1878. He studied the basics of violin-making on his own in Vicenza for many years, until 1901 when he moved to Milan. Here, he studied the craft of violin making in the Cremonese tradition. In Milan he also served as an apprentice for Leandro Bisiach where he met and worked with master luthier Giuseppe Ornati. In 1926, he moved to Parma, where he was soon appointed as the director of the School of Violin-Making. He is often credited with initiating the 20th century tradition of the Liuteria Parmanese. Both he and his son, Pietro, were very influential in the training schools of Parma and Cremona.

Gaetano Sgarabotto made more than 700 instruments over the course of his career, most of which were violins, violas, and cellos. The Sgarabotto makers are recognized for their intense attention to detail, while Gaetono in particular is heralded for his work’s elegance clearly grounded in the many years he spent working in the Cremonese tradition.