Evasio Emilio Guerra

Evasio Emilio Guerra was born in Turin in 1880. He taught himself the basics of violin-making before finding a mentor in master luthier Carlo Oddone. He moved to England to start his career and then to France, before ultimately returning to Turin. There he may have apprenticed in the Guadagnini workshop. He began working with Annibale Fagnola, and the two men quickly became the most sought-after makers in the city. Guerra established his own workshop in Turin, where he worked until his death in 1956.

Like his teacher, Guerra modeled instruments after Stradivari and Rocca. His varnish was also similar to Oddone’s. Guerra made many outstanding instruments; he also spent most of his professional life working as a restorer. His legacy as the last great maker of the Turin School persists to this day.