Carlo Giuseppe Oddone

1866 – 1935


Carlo Giuseppe Oddone was one of the most remarkable craftsmen of the Piedmont school. Born in Turin on November 7th 1866, Oddone started learning about violins at a young age as an apprentice in the Benedetto Gioffredo ‘Rinaldi’ workshop, a competitor of the famed Guadagnini workshop. Oddone then spent two years in London working for F.W. Chanot. In 1892 he established in Turin independently.

Oddone made at least 269 instruments in his lifetime. His work is precise and careful. Most of his work shows the strong influence Chanot had on his development as a luthier. He made many copies of Stradivari, Guarneri, and Rocca instruments and later on he developed a personal model. Oddone taught a few students during his lifetime, including Evasio Emilio Guerra.