Alfredo Contino

Alfredo Contino was born in Venice in 1890. He started his training with Venetian luthier Vincenzo Postiglione in 1902 when he was just 12 years old. Like Postiglione, Contino designed many of his instruments after those of the Gagliano family. He became well known for his extraordinarily accurate copies of Gagliano violins.

When Postiglione died in 1916, Contino took over his workshop and continued its success. He made more than 300 violins, 15 violas, and 70 cellos during his career. Contino won a gold medal at the Padua exhibition of 1932 and an award at an exhibition in Rome. He is known today as one of the great Venetian luthiers of his time. His work is elegant and consistent in quality and sound.