Alfredo Contino, Naples c. 1920

Alfred Contino was born in 1890 and died around 1970 in Naples, Italy. He was a pupil of Vincenzo Postiglione from 1902, and succeeded to the business in 1916. He was best known for his very exact copies of Gagliano family work, completing over 300 violins, 15 violas, and 70 cellos. He usually treated his wood with a potassium bichromate ground which gave a greenish hue beneath the varnish. He won a gold medal at Padua 1932. His instruments were branded ‘A.Contino Napoli’ on back button and lower rib. Also inscribed on interior of front with initials and drawn device known as the ‘Jettatura’. This violin has a very focused tone which projects well.