Oreste Martini, Mantua c. 1940

This cello is a very fine example of early 20th century work from the Mantuan school. As many makers were emulating, if not copying the work of Scarampella, this instrument shows the high-level of creative freedom that certain makers took while still under his influence. Martini used his artistic license to select the maple of flamboyant flame and the broad-grained spruce in several pieces. He also used a model with a well-rounded outline and full arching, and pronounced edges and corners. The scroll is in the same spirit as the body in its rounded and deeply carved design. The varnish is a rich, reddish-orange of excellent formulation. The end result is an instrument of great visual beauty and most importantly, one with a great voice. It is deep, rich and responsive, with wonderful color and sweetness to the tone. It truly has great stage presence and is suitable for the most demanding soloist or orchestral player.

A certificate by Eric Blot is included.

The label reads,

“Stefano Scarampella di Brescia
Premiato Con Medaglie D’Argento
Fratello Ed Allievo Del Giuseppe

Fece in Mantova anno 1907”


Inventory #: 125/38

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