Romeo Antoniazzi, Milan 1912

A very fine example, this violin is based on a Guarneri pattern and shows Romeo’s inspired style of making. The work is confident and mature with graceful f-holes, well-rounded and raised edges and a bold, deeply carved scroll. The arching is graceful and of medium height, allowing the instrument to vibrate freely. The wood is of the finest selection. The maple of the back, sides and scroll has a handsome medium width flame and the top has a medium to broad width grain. The varnish is a vibrant golden-yellow color. The sound quality is focused and rich, with excellent response and a clean, sweet brilliance. This is an excellent and versatile violin, particularly well-suited for solo work. The instrument is signed by the maker on the inside of the upper left rib.

Violin Demonstration

Inventory #: 103/93

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