Max Millant, Paris 1975, 16-1/8″

Max Millant was born in Paris in 1903. He and his brother Roger studied under their grandfather, maker S. A. Deroux. Max also studied under the prominent makers Mougenot, Jacquet, and Gand in Mirecourt. Beginning in 1930, the brothers worked together as makers in Paris. Max was widely recognized for his craftsmanship, winning awards in Cremona and The Hague for his instruments. This beautiful violin is in mint condition. It has a rich, clear, and resonant sound. It has orange-brown varnish shaded to an amber ground in several spots. The top is made from two pieces of spruce with narrow to medium width grain. The striking back is made from two pieces of maple with bold flaming of medium to broad width. The violin possesses two labels. The upper label details Millant’s awards and achievements, while the lower label is a traditional label identifying the maker. The lower label is signed “M. Millant”.