Marco Pedrini, Cremona 2003

Marco Pedrini was born in Codogno in 1983. His interest in music and wood-working as a child led him to study at the International School of Violinmaking in Cremona at age 14. He received his diploma in 2002 and became an apprentice in the workshop of Giorgio Grisales. He then established his own independent workshop in Cremona. This cello’s label reads “fatto nel laboratorio / di Giorgio Grisales / da Marco Pedrini / Cremona 2003”. This indicates that the cello was made by Pedrini during his time in the Grisales workshop. This fine quality workshop cello was designed to have a superb sound in the Italian tradition, but at a cost lower than that of other makers. The varnish is a vibrant orange-brown color. Its top is made from two pieces of spruce with narrow grain. The back is made from two pieces of maple with bold medium width flame.