As violinmakers ourselves, we have a truly "hands-on" appreciation for the great craft and artistry of stringed instruments. Newly-made violins, violas, cellos, basses and their bows have been a significant part of our business since its inception in 1966.

Over the years, we have developed important relationships with makers from all over the violinmaking world, having visited their workshops, exhibits, festivals and concerts. Through direct consultation, we have worked to ensure that the instruments we import are tailored to our market in the U.S. and our specific clientele abroad. The position held by the contemporary violinmaker in the stringed instrument market is unique and vital to the strength of a significant part of the music industry worldwide. In all musical genres and at all levels, the newly-made stringed instrument fulfills a variety of needs to players, teachers and students alike. Reliability in construction, condition and tone production, as well as affordability are perhaps the most significant aspects of a new instrument's appeal. On top of this, the beauty of the craft and investment value also serve to heighten its desirability. Throughout the world, with an ever-increasing interest in classical music and other musical genres that rely on stringed instruments as the central or supportive component, newly-made instruments are key to satisfying this demand.

At Brobst Violin Shop, we offer an extensive selection of contemporary instruments. Makers from all of the major centers of violinmaking in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, England, North and South America and China are represented. We select each instrument based on its quality of sound as well as its artistic merit. Our longstanding relationships with top makers also ensure that we are able to offer the finest examples to our clients. We invite you to browse our collection and contact us for consultation and recommendations. Welcome to Brobst Violin Shop!

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