Baroque Instruments

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CelloEnglish c. 1800 labeled “Jacobus Stainer”

A rare find, this cello features a period set-up and would be the ideal instrument for the serious Baroque performer looking for a professional level period instrument.

CelloHendrick Woldring, Garsthuizen 1984

Baroque cello.

ViolinNate Tabor, Vienna/La Coruña 2019 (baroque)
New Arrival
ViolinBaroque, Klingenthal c. 1880
Bass BowH.R. Pfretzschner baroque bass bow w/ German-style frog
Violin BowDe Marchi 70cm

An excellent bow for the musician looking for the ideal partner to use in period performance music of the Classical era. Beautifully made with fine playing qualities.

Violin BowA. Nardi 64cm
Violin BowBaroque, Brasil (68.4cm)

This bow is best suited for the player looking to explore period performance. Beautifully made with excellent playing qualities.

Violin BowCardoso Baroque Bow Snakewood Frog 70cm

Artistically conceived, this bow is an ideal option for the player looking to explore the world of period performance practice.

Violin BowD. Silveira 66.7cm
Viola BowAlfred Knoll Alto 410 68cm

This bow is ideally suited for the player looking to explore Baroque period performance practice.

Violin BowAlfred Knoll #405