Arthur Richardson, Crediton 1954, 16-1/4

Arthur Richardson was born in 1882 in Stavely, Derbyshire, and died 1965 in Crediton, Devon UK. He was self-taught and was one of the finest 20th century English makers. His initial career was as an architectural wood carver in Leeds. He established himself professionally as a violin maker from 1915 in Crediton. He made copies of the Stradivari ‘Alard’, ‘Tuscan’, and ‘Betts’ violins, and the Guarneri del Gesù ‘King Joseph’ and ‘Sainton’ violins. He also develped a Stradivari-derived personal pattern. He was associated with the famous viola soloist, Lionel Tertis in developing the ‘Tertis model’ viola. He was awarded first prize in the Cobbett Competition 1919 for a violin and quartet. He worked with a chemist named Millington at Borrow. This viola is in very fine condition and possesses a rich, deep tone.