Antonio Capela, Cremona 1968, 16½

Antonio Capela was born in 1932 in Anta, Portugal. His father was Domingo Capela, a violin maker and repairer. Inspired to pursue his father’s craft, Antonio went to work under the French maker Etienne Vatelot in Mirecourt. He then studied at the International School of Violin Making in Cremona under such famous makers as Sgarabatto and Sacconi. He has received awards for his violins in competitions in Cremona and Poland. This viola by Capela is in superb condition. Its varnish is a red-orange color shaded to a lighter amber ground in several spots. The top is made from two pieces of spruce with medium to broad grain. The back is made from two pieces of maple with medium width flame. It has a full-bodied, expansive sound with richness and clarity. To be sold with the maker’s original certificate signed and dated “Cremona 14.11.1968”.