Sebastian Freymadl

Sebastian Freymadl was born in Luebeck, Germany in 1960. Freymadl’s father was a professional violist and an amateur luthier, and he helped his son to build his first violin. In 1982, at the encouragement of some violin makers he knew in Germany, Freymadl moved to Cremona to study the old techniques of violin making. He first enrolled in the International Violinmaking School of Cremona to study bowmaking under Giovanni Lucchi. A few years later Freymadl received another diploma in violin making. In 1995, he successfully opened his own workshop in Cremona.

A few years before his death, Freymadl moved back to Germany and opened his own shop in Bremen. He died unexpectedly when he was only 52, but he left behind a legacy as a masterful contemporary violin and bow maker. He trained several young violin makers in the cremonese style, including Luca Baratto.