Roberto Collini

Collini has enjoyed playing the violin ever since he was young, and pursued his passion for music at the International Violin Making School of Cremona in 1979. Before graduating with the highest final exam scores, he studied under and completed his apprenticeship with Master Giorgio Scolari. Afterwards, Collini continued to work in Cremona while furthering his knowledge of classical instruments with two famous Italian violin makers, Arnaldo Morano and GioBatta Morassi. In 1986, he was awarded his bow maker diploma after his studies with Master Giovanni Lucchi. Collini’s instruments have been recognized for their quality of sound and overall value in an astounding number of competitions. Many well known and well accomplished musicians play Collini’s instruments, including M. Antonello Farulli, Marco Fornaciari, Emanuele Rossi, Graziano Beluffi, Daniele Gay, Andrea Leporati, and other musicians in famous orchestras such as The Scala Theatre, The Tuscany Orchestra, The Fenice Theatre, The Verona Arena, and The Sanremo Orchestra. Collini continues his work as a maker of violins, violas, and cellos, in Cremona.